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Workflow Technique #027

Generate Web Presentations with BreezeBrowser

review note by Uwe Steinmueller


Actually BreezeBrowser is around for quite some time and is a raw converter environment for the Canon shooters for some time.

Chris Breeze added some advanced features to his excellent browser. One of these extra features is a HTLM generator. There are many generators on the market and also Photoshop includes a version. It is always hard to say how good a HTML generator is until you spend quite some time to customize it and then find out that it may be too limited.

Fortunately did Peter Berger from Austria a lot of work here and presents a nice "Filmstrip" template for the BreezeBrowser HTML generation. We liked what Peter showed on his well designed web site and tried the BreezeBrowser HML generation with Peter's templates.

Here is what we came up with by modifying Peter's filmstrip template (click on the screen shots to access the life pages).

2003 B&W Portfolio

2003 Nature Portfolio

2003 Urban Portfolio


The customization process in BreezeBrowser was very simple. But without Peter's templates we would have a much harder time getting started. Peter only asks for some donation if you are happy with his templates (we are sure there was a lot of work involved).

The BreezeBrowser image browser uses directly the layered images we created in Photoshop CS. As we try to stay simple in our web design (prefer to work on photos) we probably hardly scratched the possibilities that BreezeBrowser's HTML generation offers.

We think that BreezeBrowser is worth it's money as a HTML generator alone.

Highly Recommended


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