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Workflow Technique #040

Nik Color Efex 2.0: Digital Sunshine

review note by Uwe Steinmueller


This time we feature a unique filter: Sunshine

Digital Sunshine

Sun is is life and can be a nightmare for photography. Many things are hard to capture in full sunshine but also look somehow dull in shadow.

Starfish in shadow

These wet animals would be close to impossible to photograph in full sun light. But now they miss the brilliance they show in the sun (or even slight overcast). Here the Color Efex 2.0 Sunshine can be nice.

Nik Sunshine filter

The filter is very complex with many sliders and options. We left it at about the default in a new layer (if you need to learn how to use layers have a look at our ebook DOP2000).

Filtered image

The filtered image is overdone for our taste. But because we have it in a new layer we just tone it down using opacity.

Opacity to about 50%

As you can see even "digital sun" makes a difference:

We like this filter.


Note on special effects filters

We are aware that this filter is faking sunlight. But on the other side we get a result that is way more in the spirit of how we subjectively perceived the starfish.

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