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CRW Conversion Contest 02 (closed)

Moderator: Uwe Steinmueller

last updated 04/18/2001


<c> Uwe Steinmueller

Now there are some more options to convert Canon D30 CRW files (Zoombrowser, Bibble and the Raw Image Converter). But the secret is the strategy to choose and what postprocessing is done in Photoshop.
The original CRW file can be downloaded here.

Before you start read the following articles:

  • Use the original CRW file and decribe the process to enhance the photo
  • Describe your process (tools and steps)
  • Mail the final photo as JPG (level 9 in Photoshop) and the description
The resulting files are available here in full size.

Jim Dawson


I just converted the CRW to 8 bit .tiff with the new Canon converter, left everything as shot.

Photoshop 6:

Duplicate layer Levels until I liked it

Selected the aircraft (rectangular marquee) Copy Pasted in new image Enlarged Copied Pasted in original image Merged down

Ultrasharpen Pro 3.0 (default settings)

Flatten image

Save as jpg quality 9.


Frederico Torchia


Used the Canon Utilities RAW converter for the RAW

The in Photoshop:

Adjusted levels from each separate channel (red, green and blue).

Used curves to increase the detail in the shadow areas only.

Converted the image to 8bits so that I could use more Photoshop tools.

Selected the sky with color range and used hue and saturation to give a nice blue color to the sky.

Adjusted the leaves and earth using the same method. (color range+hue and saturation). For the leaves increase the saturation +20 of yellow and green channels. For the earth increase the red and yellow +13.

Finally used Unsharp masked with 200, 0.5 and 0 (amount, ration, threshold).


Timo Autiokari


1. With the Canon software converted the CRW to TIF using the following settings: 16-bit/color, linear and daylight.

2. Opened the TIF into Trinitron, D65, gamma 1.0 ICC-space (AIM RGB -profile).

3. Increased saturation by +65% using the ChannelMixer.

4. Adjusted Levels, RGB-input:0-116, to set the whitepoint.

5. Applied Gaussian Blur at r=0.3.

6. Applied Levels R-input:2-255 G-input:2-255 B-input:3-255 to set the blackpoint.

7. Applied USM a=500, r=0.7.

8. Applied up-gamma 2.50.

9. Assigned Trinitron, D65, gamma 2.50 ICC-profile (nativePC).

10. Converted to 8-bit/channel.

11. Saved as JPEG at q=9.


Justin Rhodes


1. Used Bible to convert the raw file to 16 bit TIF, using camera settings.

2. In Photoshop I converted to 8 bit, used a curve adjustment layer and a level layer to adjust contrast and color. Adjusted the saturation slightly too.

3. Sharpened with Nik Sharpener Pro, internet setting.


Mel Hill


Used PS 6.0.1 plug-in set for 16-bit

  • Duped image and dropped to 8-bit.
  • With both 8-bit and 16-bit files opened I used color range to select the shadows, midtone & highlights individually on the 8-bit files and then feathered the selection at 3 px. I move the 8-bit selection onto the 16-bit file and make a levels adjustment both overall and individual colors.
  • Once I've done all three S-M-H I did a color selection of the blue sky in the 8-bit file and moved the selection to the 16-bit file and did a levels adjustment on the sky as well. I then converted the 16-bit file to 8-bits.
  • I inverted the sky selection and sharpened the trees and ground with settings of 180, 0.7, 3. I then used Fade Unsharp mask and went to 80% and Luminosity.
  • With the dodge tool and a large soft brush and Highlights selected and10% exposure I dodged the yellow foreground bushes and various highlights throughout the image.
  • With the burn tool changed the setting to shadows and burned down selected shadow areas as well.
  • Saved a JPEG at nine.

Winfryd Andringa

  • Bibble Import, autolevel shadow 0.01, Highlight 0.02. Unsharp Mask amount 250, threshold 1, gaussian, Large radius. EV +0,44
  • Photoshop,Set RGB levels independantly, changed to 8 bits,
  • Color balance, Red +14 Magenta + 9 Yellow -4, Unsharp Mask 62% Radius 1,5, Thresh 2

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