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Delkin CardBus 32 Adapter

review note by Uwe Steinmueller (11/08/2003)



Sometimes we photograph a day and fill about 2-4 GB of CF cards and Microdrives. Then back in the hotel we are somewhat tired and have to backup the cards to our road lab notebook.

Using normal PC card adapters the copy process takes a very long frustrating time. Finally the Delkin CardBus 32 Adapter is available and cuts the transfertime to about 1/4th. It is hard to describe how much of a relief it is to be ready in about 15minutes instead of a full hour!

How does it work? This adapter simply uses the higher bus speed that the current notebooks can provide.

The installation of the new drivers worked fast and flawlessly on our Sony Vaio notebook.

This product was very much needed and Delkin's CardBus 32 adapter fits the bill.



We say only "recommended" as we hope the price ($59.99 right now) will come down a bit over time but otherwise we have no complaints.

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