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Drobo revisited

review note by Uwe Steinmueller

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We had a very early preview of the Drobo storage unit here. Now over 18 months later we have collected real world experience with our now three Drobo units.

Just the fact we have three Drobos may tell you that we like the product. Our initial preview mentioned that we wanted a Firewire interface. Our latest (3rd) unit features now a Firewire 800 (+ USB 2.0) port.

Here are our three configurations:

1. USB 2.0 with a mix of 500, 300 GB drives

2. USB 2.0 with 4x 500GB Western Digital drives

3. Firewire 800 + USB 2.0 and 4x 1TG green Western Digital drives

Experience summary

  • So far all units worked all the time and no disk got bad. These units are mostly used once a day for backup only.
  • The old units and with older firmware the fans were sometimes loud. This is much improved with the new units (our unit 3) and with the latest firmware

Overall we are very satisfied with the Drobo for backup. You can get a 4TB (2.6TB net) Firewire unit for under $900. Drobos are easy to install and use.

Highly Recommended



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