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The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook

This book covers the complete digital photography workflow

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"The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook: From Import to Output is an invaluable up to date resource for digital photographers. I keep mine on my desktop so that it is always handy when I need it. I have another copy of it on my iPad so that I can enjoy reading it away when I am away from my computer." Marta

  • This is the ideal book to learn about the digital photography workflow
  • Our latest and most complete E-Book about the digital photography workflow
  • Covers everything from Import to Print (and even backup)
  • Features also Multishot techniques like HDR, Stitching and more
  • Features Photoshop CS5 (fine for CS2/CS3/CS4 too) and Lightroom 3 (again Lightroom 2 is fine too)
  • Ready to read in iBooks on the iPad and iPhone
  • Check out the table of content

by Uwe Steinmueller & Juergen Gulbins

E-Book with about 540 pages (printable PDF)

Read Table of Content (about 1MB)


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