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review diary by Bettina + Uwe Steinmueller


Like in photography also for the movie maker the viewfinder is an extremely important tool. Indoors LCDs may do the job (although not of much help for focusing) but outdoors in bright light they hardly help at all. That is why some cameras like the Panasonic TM700 also feature an EVF. Unfortunately this EVF is quite poor. Here comes the Sock-Loupe into play. It transforms your LCD into a pseudo EVF by:

  • Shielding from sun light
  • Magnifying the LCD preview

The Sock-Loupe folds up nicely and is resonable fast to attach:

We used the Sock-Loupe with great success on our TM700 (our main video camera right now).

Sample Video at Vimeo: Aerobatics with TM700

The Sock-Loupe is available for many different cameras (they sell optimized versions for these other camera models). The Sock-Loupe even gets used for higher end pro video cameras.


The Sock-Loupe improves your viefinder experience significantly at a very reasonable price.

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