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Our Local Photo Destinations

by Bettina + Uwe Steinmueller

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We moved from San Jose to Hollister. This is only 50 miles away but some of our favorite locations are now closer. Only San Francisco is 50 miles further away.

We want to talk about our local photo destinations because they are nice and also will show in many of our art and test photos. These are also all places we can visit if you plan to have 1:1 consulting session with us.

We plan to present some of these location im more detail.

Hollister (20 miles Southeast of Gilroy)

Hollister is both an agricultural center and a commuter town (for the Silicon Valley) with about 36,000 people.

Hollister Clock Tower

Hollister is famous for it's bike rallies at the 4th of July. A bike rally at that date in 1947 was the basis of the Marlon Brando movie "The Wild One". It is said that this movie defined what we call the "American Biker". We took some pictures this year.

Mural in Hollister

Highway 25 (crosses Hollister)

Hollister is surrounded by very beautiful oak hills. Hwy 25 connects Hollister to the Pinnacles National Park. This highway has great sceneries.

Two Trees (we photograph these trees in many situations)

San Juan Bautista (10 miles from our home)

San Juan is a very small town that feels like living history. San Juan has a mission and the only still existing Spanish Plaza in California (this is now a CA State Park). The Spanish Plaza is directly at the Mission.

San Juan Mission

We are quite often in San Juan because we like the State Park (here are some pictures) and the town.

Here is a short video about the San Juan Bautista State Park:

San Juan Bautista: Living History from Uwe Steinmueller on Vimeo.

Monterey (about 42 miles from home)

Monterey is famous and needs not much of an introduction.



Lovely Sea Otter in the Monterey Harbor

More Monterey pictures can be found here.

Carmel (about 47 miles from home)

Also Carmel is very well known. We like the town and also the mission. We find this the most beautiful mission in California we know.

Carmel Mission

Carmel Yard

A few more Carmel pictures can be found here.

Big Sur: Point Lobos (50 miles from home)

Point Lobos is an amazing place. For photographers best visited at overcast (can happen in Summer very often mainly in the morning, the park opens at 8am).

Old Veteran Cypress

Rocks at Point Lobos

Rock Pattern (more "Earthframes")

Pelican Attack (Carmel Highlands in the background)

Big Sur (50 - 130 miles from home)

Hwy 1 at Big Sur shows an amazing rugged coastline.

Big Sur Monoliths

Big Sur and Point Lobos provide enough photo opportunities for a lifetime. Be aware that sun and fog change all the time. It can be fog in the South while the north shows sun and vice versa. Here are some of our Big Sur pictures.



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