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Selected Photos from 2011

by Bettina + Uwe Steinmueller

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At the end of the year it is always interesting to look back at the work done during that year. We present photos that we like quite a bit. There were many more nice images that did not make this list.

Here is our selection for 2011:

When we selected the images we did not look for any cameras. But we tried to cover the different subjects we photographed in 2011. The order of presentation was difficult but we tried to get some sort of flow (colors and moods).

The main cameras we used in 2011 were featured here. Which camera was used for the different images does not matter much for us. For sure you may like to know. That is why we mention them for each photo. In 2011 we did not travel much so most images were photographed close to home.

Point Lobos (Nikon V1, 55 miles from home)

Eucalyptus Alley (Nikon J1, 5 miles from home)

Backyard Poppy (Canon 5D Mark II, 0 miles from home)

Wetlands (iPhone 4 + Hipstamatic. 60 miles from home)

Dreamy Otter (Canon 60D, 31 miles from home)

Twin Trees (Sony NEX-5N, 20 miles from home)

Hollister Airshow (Canon 60D, 5 miles from home)

Aerial (Canon 60D, 40 miles from home)

Greenhouses (Pentax Q, 10 miles from home)

Fort Ord (Fuji X10, 35 miles from home)

Fall(en) Leaf (iPhone 4S, 15 miles from home)

Fort Point (HDR, Panasonic GH2, 100 miles from home)

Welding Shop (Panasonic G3, 6 miles from home)

Frosted Orchard (Sony NEX-5N, 6 miles from home)

Dollar Bar (HDR, Panasonic GH2, 31 miles from home)


There was one more

Perfect Oak (Sony NEX-5N, 50 miles from home)

We photographed this oak before but cannot get enough of it. We like this tree especially in the Winter when all the leaves are gone.

We added all these images to our January 2012 Gallery.


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