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Perspective Crop Sample 2

essay by Uwe Steinmueller

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In February we introduced our Perspective Crop Helper Tool. In this session we want to show how helpful perspective correction can be and also one extra useful helper step.

Start image

We liked the scene with the old black truck just in front of the historic San Francisco Mission Police station. Unfortunately the perspective was quite a bit off. Here are our steps to improve the situation.

1. Using the DOP Perspective Crop helper tool

Crop selection

Crop Result

The perspective is improved but we find the car a bit too much stretched.

2. Scaling the photo

We use the Photoshop Scale tool to shrink the truck in the horizontal dimension.

Scale the image

This got us to the final result:



The Photoshop Scale tool can help to correct proportion in an image. We are not aiming for what is right here but for a proportion we like best.




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