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Yosemite in B/W (Spring 2004)

Portfolio by B+U Steinmueller

We think that Yosemite is best captured in B/W. Most color photos we have seen from Yosemite are to saturated for our taste. B/W in comparison looks really refreshing. There is one more important reason: Yosemite is very green (especially in spring). To capture the beautiful soothing green of Yosemite is very hard and ends up either way to flat or Velvia like over saturated.

Here are the B/W shots we liked best of our recent Yosemite trip. We hope you enjoy.

Merced Cascades


Cascades at Bridal Vail Fall

Waterfall with Spray

Wawona Hotel

Oak Impression (on our way to Yosemite)




As usual all photos were taken in raw, converted using ACR or Bibble 4 (early exclusive beta), sharpened with layer based Simple Sharpening. The fully layer based workflow is described in our e-books.


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