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One Evening in Bodie 2004

Travel Portfolio by B+U Steinmueller


Travel Diary to the Eastern Sierra (Mammoth, Mono Lake, Bodie)


On our trip to the eastern Sierra we were 3 times in Bodie. The last evening was probably the best light we ever had in Bodie. Why? Bodie was in evening sun light and the back was painted by a strong thunderstorm. These are a few shots from a couple of hundred frames we took in Bodie. Yes, the thousends of photos of Bodie have become a cliche but we love it nevertheless.


Mine (restricted area)

Fire Station

Wheaton & Hollis Hotel

The calssic Bodie Swazey Hotel

Storm over Green Street

Storm over Green Street 2 (Canon 1Ds)

Side Wall of General Store

Back of Miner's Union Building (now Museum)

Back of Postal Office


What a difference a storm can make!



All Photos made with Canon 1D Mark II (except where noted). We use the workflow outlined in our e-books.



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