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Printing Insights #010

Some more excellent Papers

by Uwe Steinmueller

Photos by Bettina & Uwe Steinmueller

Greg Governale an experienced Epson 9500 user referred me to Mid-States Graphics near Chicago to get some excellent papers and the canvas he uses.
These papers are so good that I use them for all my final prints. All prints on the Epson 2000P are done using Jon Cone's profile for the 2000P..
Water Color/Fine Art Papers
Standard Art Paper 310 grams
Very thick, very white and also coated for better longevity. Fine structured.

No warping whatsoever.

Verdict: Top class.

Soft Art Paper 285 grams
Very thick, very white and also coated for better longevity. Rough structured. This is our favorite watercolor paper (we still have to try the the 100% cotton rag which is used by Stephen Johnson)

No warping whatsoever.

Verdict: Top class.

Matte Canvas
Very matte canvas and it prints very well on the 2000P. Greg also printed one of our photos in 30" wide on the same canvas and it looks great. At some angles one can see some silvery reflections which can irritate some critical viewers. It does not bother me in normal viewing situations. For commercial prints this canvas might win you your customers. Just sold two prints printed by Greg.
Verdict: Top class canvas
Photo Gloss
Photo Gloss
Normally I have problems with all glossy, semi-gloss or luster papers printed on the Epson 2000P. But this paper works for me and it will be used if a photo needs the extra punch. The final prints have a smooth glossy surface.
Verdict: Good gloss paper for the 2000P and Epson pigment inks
There are no published data about the longevity of these paper/ink combinations. But all facts indicate that they are as archival as Epson watercolor papers.
Where can you get these papers?
Mid-States is in the process to setup a web site. Till then call them at 800-322-1462 and ask for John Miller.
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