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Print Diary

Alain and Uwe will write once in a while notes about our Print Gallery (testimonials, announcements, experience notes).
These note will be published like all our diaries: Most recent note on top.

3/6/2002 by Alain

Apple Store Presentation

My presentation at the Apple Store Phoenix, at the Biltmore Fashion Mall, was very well received. We had a great audience to whom I presented an overview of my workflow, from the camera I use to the scanning and printing equipment I favor,as well as a selection of my favorite images. The second half of my presentation was focused on answering questions from the audience.

I had some of my work for sale outside of the Apple Store and a 60" panorama on display in the store.

We are planning additional Apple Store presentations in Phoenix, both at the Biltmore Fashion Mall store and at the Chandler store. I will let you know when these will take place when I have more information.

I will also show my work again at the Biltmore Fashion Mall in Phoenix on Friday March 14th from 11am to 4pm.

Thank you to all who attended this presentation.


2/12/2003 by Alain
The "print of the month" is having a big success. Here is an email I received from Carl Fountain, of Lakewood, California:


I received your print last week and just want to say: WOW! Yes, it is breathtaking. I get some ooohs and ahhs from some of the work I print with my Epson 1200, but your print was awesome.

Keep up the good work. Thanks for running the special to entice some of us to sample what is possible with current technology, skill, and a strong dedication to excellence.

From the matting to the packaging it was a first class job.

Best regards,

Apple Store Presentation

I will be giving a presentation of my work and workflow at the Apple Store at the Biltmore Mall, in Phoenix, Arizona, on February 28th (the last Friday of February). This presentation will be at 2pm, at
the Apple Store, and will be done on Apple's state of the art presentation system in the store. I will have some of my largest pieces available (60" long panoramas among others...) which I am excited to show you.

If you live in the Phoenix area, or if you will be in Phoenix on that day, this is something you don't want to miss! For directions and additional information you can call the Apple Store at the Biltmore at 602-977-0285 The mall is at the North-Eastern corner of 24th and Camelback. The Apple Store is next to Macy's. The Biltmore Mall is an outdoor mall with uniquely attractive ambiance. Plus, on Fridays they have the "Market in the Park" event which brings local artists and food and produce vendors who offer a variety of natural and hand-made items.

I look forward to seeing and meeting you in person!


2/11/2003 by Alain

I receive a lot of emails regarding my "How to sell your work at Art shows" article on (if you haven't yet read this very informative article you can do so now by clicking here). Most of these emails are from readers asking me how I present my work, how I mat my photographs, where and how I sign my work, and how my photographs are packaged. I try my best to describe how I do all of this in my responses but there is only so much I can do over email. The best way, and perhaps the only way, is to see my work for yourself.

This is why I am offering a second "Print of the Month" at a uniquely attractive price. At some point you do have to take a look at how a professional does it to learn how to do it yourself, learn how to transform your passion into a profession, and learn how to "get to the next step" so to speak. This is a great way to do so as well as a wonderful way to build your art collection at the same time!