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Kodak DCS 760 "Cactus Garden Part 1"


Photos by Bettina + Uwe Steinmueller

Our readers probably know that we love flowers. Recently we discovered the beautiful cactus garden at the Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA). From now on we will visit this garden probably at least once a month.
These photos were all photographed with the Kodak DCS 760 (IR filter installed), the Nikon AF-S 300mm f/4 lens and a Bogen tripod with Arcs Swiss B1 ballhead. ISO was mostly set to 80.
All photos were converted using Kodak Photo Desk (product setting, low noise removal, low sharpening, some EV corrections) and then processed in Photoshop (remove color aliasing as described here, "Digital Velvia" action by Fred Miranda and Fraser sharpening technique)

Conclusion: We are very happy with the results and like the DCS 760 at low ISO values a lot. As stated in our review we don't think that the size and weight of this camera is any problem for our kind of work. Even bird photos freehand are no real challenge.


Photographed in the cactus garden

Note: Updating the camera with the latest firmware is really fun: Takes less than 2 minutes including the copy of the firmware to the microdrive.
Part 2


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