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Digital Outback "Photoshop Corner"
Working with Photoshop is key to the success of most digital photographers. This page will cover a selection of free and commercial tools and tips to improve your skills and toolset for Photoshop.

Tools & Tips


#22 "Photoshop CS (aka PS8) Preview"





#21 "B&W a la Russell Brown"





#20 "Web Photo Gallery in Photoshop" by Uwe Steinmueller





#19 "Loading Actions into Photoshop" by Uwe Steinmueller




#18 "Stitching in Photoshop" by Dr. William Wolberg





#17 "The power of the S-Curve" by Uwe Steinmueller





#16 "Profiling Digital Cameras" by Wojtek Tryc & Mario Sobierajski





#15 "The Sharpening, a necessary evil of digital work" by Paul Caldwell






#14 "The Use of Fred Miranda's D30 Linear Action with D1x Raw Files" by Paul Caldwell




#13 "iCorrect Editlab" by Jim Collum





#12 "Linear RAW Conversion" by Uwe Steinmueller






#11 "Power-Retouche Photoshop Filters" by Uwe Steinmueller






#010 "Uwe's Photoshop Tools Set" by Uwe Steinmueller





#009 "Maximizing Photoshop’s Performance" by Peter Lwin





#008 "Intelligent Upsampling: Stair Interpolation (SI)" by Fred Miranda





#007 "Sharpening D1x NEF Files" by Ron Reznick





#006 "Contrast Masking" by Uwe Steinmueller





"Selective Color Correction with Color Mechanic" by Uwe Steinmueller







#004 "Correcting Areas of Under or Over Exposure" by E.J. Peiker





#003 "Digital Gradual filter" by Fred Miranda





#002 "DCS 760: The Profile Game" by Uwe Steinmueller





"Ultra-High Resolution Digital Mosaics" by J. Brian Caldwell, Ph.D.

Brian shows in his tutorial how stitching technique allows you to create very high resolution images using your D1. You can download the 720K PDF file here.


If you ever have tried to convert color photos to B&W you know that Photoshop "Grayscale" is not the way to go. Finally you come across the "Channel Mixer" and get lost in the space of endless uninspiring possibilities. DigiDaan get us on the right track.


"Perspective Correction in Photoshop 5.x"