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Kodak DCS 760 @Moss Landing


Photos by Bettina + Uwe Steinmueller

This time we used the Kodak DCS 760 at Moss Landing (CA, north of Monterey). Here you can find many fishing Brown Pelicans at this time of the year.
We knew that this is also an area to find Sea Otters but we still were surprised to find one that close and noisy (cracking some crabs)
These photos were all photographed with the Kodak DCS 760 (IR filter installed), the Nikon AF-S 300mm f/4 lens. ISO was set to 160.
All photos were converted using Kodak Photo Desk (product setting, low noise removal, low sharpening, some EV corrections) and then processed in Photoshop (remove color aliasing as described here, "Digital Velvia" action by Fred Miranda and Fraser sharpening technique)


We also did some D1x photos and had to fight much more dust than with the 760. Also it looks like the 760 can handle contrast better than the D1x. In Kodak Photo Desk we still miss more control about the WB (white balance) as nature photos often don't have any gray or white to be used in "white click balance".



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