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Nikon D100 Experience Report

A review diary by Uwe Steinmueller

Also photos by Bettina Steinmueller

Part 3
This review will be written again in the form of a diary. Most recent findings on top.

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10/17/2002 stitched panoramics
Just printed this mural on our Epson 7500 printer with the ImagePrint RIP at 56x20". Looks really impressive.
9/16/2002 stitched panoramics

Alviso Mural 1 (7348 x 2720 pixels, upsized in Capture 3)

Alviso Mural 1 (7541 x 2841 pixels, upsized in Capture 3)

Our current favorite lens is the all manual Nikkor Micro PC 85mm. Using the shift mechanism we create two photos (one left and one right shifted) and stitch them together. The above photos are as if they would be taken with a 9-10MP panoramic camera.
On our way back from Mammoth (Eastern Sierra) we crossed Yosemite (Hwy 120). The Olmsted Point is one of the prime spots. But lazy as we are we passed it at about 11am and so harsh sunlight was present. But this was also a good test case for the D100 and we were lucky that no other tourist was hiding one of the marvels here.

Pines at Olmsted Point (Yosemite)

We got the feeling that the D100 can handle this kind of harsh light a bit better than the D1x. But still the D100 is not forgiving with any overexposure (as the Kodak 760 and the Canon 1D are).

Overall this was a very nice trip to the Eastern Sierra and it will keep us busy to make the best possible prints from the pictures we got. It is a very different story to have a nice photo on your screen or to work on a final fine art print. We don't even have worked on all Eastern Sierra photos we took last year with the D1x.

We would like to very much encourage all our readers to post their findings in our forum. Of course we like applause but also every (even harsh) critique is welcome.

Also join us at our first workshop where we will show how to make fine art prints using digital cameras like the D1x, D100, D60, 1D, 760, E20, S1/S2. We are very much convinced that we could produce good results with all of these cameras. More often we are ourselves the limiting factor and not the cameras we use. Today we have shots from the D1, D1x, D100, S1, 760, 1D, D30 and D60 as part of our portfolio. In this sense our finding here is that the D100 is a very worthy member of this selective group of digital cameras.


Mono Craters

With normal light the Mono Craters look boring. Today we had lots of thunderstorms and the light got much more interesting.

We are now using the D100 for 2 weeks and are happy to have the D100 as second/first body. As said before we will use the D1x and D100 as equal cameras most of the time. This way we can have always to different lenses mounted at the same time.

We are now trusting the D100 as much as our D1x (for long exposures even more so). Today we were on our way to the ancient Bristlecone Pines in the White Mountains.

Sun Rise Light near Bishop


The Bristlecone Pines have amazing colors. That is why we like to take close-ups just to show their color patterns.

Both shots feature our new Micro PC 85mm lens




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