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Uwe's Flash Accessories

field report by Uwe Steinmueller (6/18/2005)



Even as we do not use flash that often it only makes sense with the right accessories. Sorry, but your basic flash unit is just the beginning (we use Canon EX 550 or Nikon SB 28DX.

Here is what we need:


Power: Digital Camera Battery

The small batteries in you flash unit are very limited:

  • slow recycle time
  • not many flash at full power available

Our solution is the Digital Camera Battery:

Digital Camera Battery connected via adapter to the Canon EX 550

The Digital Camera Battery provides the following advantages:

  • way faster recycle times
  • can support hundreds of constant flash shots
  • can power 2 flash units
  • or also a digital camera like the top Canon and Nikon cameras
  • clips easily at your belt
  • Adapters for many flash units and cameras

The flash unit only needs the normal batteries for the display and the internal electronics. The flash power if charged from the digital battery.

Two outputs (second flash or camera)

Digital Camera Battery cover



Get the flash off the camera: Stroboframe


A key rule for flash photography is: Get the flash off the camera. Read this article by a flash master: Neil Turner

We use a Stroboframe.

Source: Tiffen


Soften your light: Westcott Micro Apollo

Westcott Micro Apollo

We asked some flash experts and they liked a lot the Micro Apollo and we like it a lot. Compact, light and fast to mount.

Shot with Stroboframe and Micro Apollo

The above image would have very harsh shadows if I would not have used the Micro Apollo.

Source: Westcott


Extend your reach: Better Beamer

Better Beamer

The Better Beamer is kind of the standard for flash extenders. See our more detailed review by Brad Hinkel.

Especially with photographing wildlife or birds you need more power (see Digital Camera Battery above).



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