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- Photography using Digital SLRs

Digital Outback "Photo Technique Notes"
Here we try to provide some useful tips for us all to improve our photo technique skills.
"Dust-Aid" by Jim Collum
#008 "Arctic Butterfly 724" by Uwe Steinmueller
#007 "Depth of field--the shorter focal length advantage" by Lloyd Chambers
#006"Why Focus-Recompose Sucks" by Jonathan Wienke
#005 "Cleaning you Sensor with the Sensor Brush" by Rick Decker
#004 "Using a Macro Twin Light for Closeups" by Uwe Steinmueller
#003 "Flash for Contrast Control" by Neil Turner
#002 "Get the flash off camera" by Neil Turner
#001 "Flash is good ..... honest!" by Neil Turner