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This page contains personal experience of readers or the editors about printing digital photos either with own printers (inkjet, Pictographic, Dyesub) or at printing services. The tip can be short or a full blown article Submit your tips

"Piezography B&W Printing"

Jon Cone's Piezography BW printing system allows black&white printing which matches classical darkroom prints.



"Lightjet Printing at Calypso Color"






Short Printing Tips


Using Epson Premium Semigloss Photo Paper with the 1270

recommended by Uwe Steinmueller

To be honest I did not very much investigate into a proper calibration of my 1270 and use a simple procedure. All my photos from the D1 are stored using the Adobe RGB profile workspace and I also use a profiled monitor. On printing from Photoshop I use the sRGB printing workspace and set also the 1270 to use sRGB. So far I am pleased with the results but would not claim perfect color accuracy.

Most of the time I use the heaviweight matte paper from Epson as I do not like that much the reflection of glossy paper. A very good way in between seems for me the Premium Semigloss Photo Paper.

I know there is a lot of discussion about longevity of 1270 prints. For me these prints are more like proofs. If I need prints for sale and also larger formats I would use LightJet prints from Calypso Color.

Printer Profiles

Olympus P-400: Sorry I have to report that I did not succeed in making a good profile for this printer. The resulting photos are very pleasing though not really color correct.

Or use "same as source" profile for Adobe RGB working space instead.