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Color Management for Photographers

All our current readers know that we take color management very serious and even provide our own printer profiling service:

Epson / Canon

We never would claim that we are color management experts, but know enough for practical photographic work.

Now Joshua Weisberg joined our team and he is the co-author of a well regarded book on color management. From now on all our articles, reviews and tips that are color management related will be found here in this series and Joshua will be our main authority. Joshua also plans to write one of our e-booklets on the topic of "Color Management for Photographers".


#009 "Tone Stability for Epson and HP Inks
under Different Illuminants"

by John Hollenberg


#008 "Monitor Profiling Systems"

by Ethan Hansen


#007 "The Art and Science of Printer Profiling: Part I"

by Giorgio Trucco


#006 "Why Use the Pro Photo RGB Color Space?"

by Uwe Steinmueller


#005 "GretagMacbeth Eye-One Display"

by Uwe Steinmueller


#004 "Sony Artisan: Shades of Black"

by Uwe Steinmueller


#002 "Sony Artisan Color Reference System"

by Joshua Weisberg


#001 "The Color Management Wave"

by Joshua Weisberg

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"Eye-One Match"

by Uwe Steinmueller