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B/W or Color #1?

Portfolio by B+U Steinmueller
This is part of a new series where we will show B/W converted images and their color counterparts.

Today we were doing some test shots in Alviso to check out a high powered portable flash with a soft box (we have always fun to work on these test with our friend Jack Flesher).

Overall we think we got even some nice shots. Then LensWork #57 came in today and this inspired us to look into a B/W version of our color photos. We think we do nice color work but B/W is so powerful that sometimes we nearly want to forget about color (we hope you understand what we mean). Printing the photos on the HP Photosmart 8450 printer in pure B/W mode on satin paper was an extra excitement. These prints have a true B/W feel to it.

Here are some of the photos (abstracts from rotten buildings in Alviso):

our favorite from this series





Here is how the color photos look like:

We clearly think the B/W works better

ok in color, we like B/W version better

ok in color, we like B/W version better

works fine in color too

works fine in color too

Sometimes a good choice is doing a colorized version:

Colorized version (we like this even better than the B/W)

This is not a toned B/W image but a blend of the color and B/W photo.


  • Canon 1Ds Mk II and 50mm Macro
  • RawShooter essentials converted in color
  • Sharpening EasyS Sharpening Toolkit
  • B/W conversion and colorizing as covered in our DOP2000 ebook (the color ,colorized and the B/W photo are all in the same layered file).
  • Canon 550EX flash, Lumedyne flash and Photoflex soft box



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