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Panasonic 100-300mm f/4-5.6

review observations by Uwe + Bettina Steinmueller

Note: We never claimed to perform classic and rigid reviews like e.g. DPReview. We use gear in our work and share observations. We call it from now on "Review Observations".


Panasonic 100-300mm f/4-5.6

A long time ago we gave up using long lenses (angle of view > 300mm) because these lenses are so big and heavy. Of course cost was also a factor but not the most important one. The largest lens we still own is the Canon 400mm f/4 DO and it sits most of the time in the closet.

But sometimes we are in the situation where we see wildlife and want to get closer. Here we saw two eagles but had only a IR modified GF1 with 14-140mm available:


You don't have these long lenses with you for these rare moments. Now with the Panasonic m43 100-300mm f/4-5.6 we have a lens with with good reach with us most of the times. It is quite small and light for this range. Of course this lens cannot match the best prime long lenses but we find it quite acceptable. The alternative for us would be either no lens or this lens. Overall we think the lens is better than we expected.

Here are some images we like from this lens.

Monterey Pier through a window

Gilroy (we needed the reach)


Point Lobos

Carmel Mission (far away)

Monarchs (way up in the trees)

We are very happy to have this lens for still photography.


It turns out that this lens is even more valuable for video on our Panasonic AF100.



The zomm ring on our sample is not smooth at all.


So far we are glad that we own this lens. We are certain that it will get its fair use over time. It is always in our bags.






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