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Fort Point at 21mm in HDR

essay by Uwe Steinmueller


08/09/2009 Initial Article


In May 2009 we shot HDR photos in Fort Point using the Zeiss 21mm/2.8 Distagon ZF. All shots were done with 5 bracketed shots at 1EV spacing. It turned out that 21mm was quite ideal to get the photos we wanted. At this focal length manual focus is no big deal at all. We actually shot nearly all photos at the same lens settings (distance and f/8).

Processing Workflow

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For shooting in such places HDR is a must. We think that 21mm is an excellent focal length for places like Fort Point. The Zeiss 21mm is now an integral part of our top photo kit (we also have a Nikon to Canon adapter for the 21mm).





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