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Photoshop Layers for Photographers


We always use a layer based workflow. This e-book teaches you how to use layers in your workflow.

Note: If you own DOP2000 you do not need this book.

by Bettina & Uwe Steinmueller

E-Book with about 110 Letter sized pages (printable PDF)

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"....I am very impressed with the book you are about to read. It’s information like this that has helped to raise the quality of digital output and reduce the traditional art world’s resistance to the use of digital tools in art. It is a book written by someone who KNOWS fine art digital printmaking. Uwe’s style is concise and to the point. This comprehensive and complete guide to fine art digital printmaking should be included in the library of anyone who is serious about making fine art digital prints.

I only wish that all this excellent information had been available to me back in 1989 when I embarked on my digital journey. The hours I wasted….. The ink and paper I wasted….. The late nights…...The cold suppers…."

Mac Holbert (Nash Editions), 4/17/2006


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