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series by Mac R. Holbert and Uwe Steinmueller

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"I just wanted to say that I really like what you're doing with texture-blending. You are getting some beautiful images, and these texturing techniques work very nicely with the way you use soft color in your photographs. You just keep getting better and better (and subtler and subtler)." Michael S., 2010


Mac R. Holbert and Uwe Steinmueller start a new series at Outback Photo. Creating images falls into mainly two parts:

  • Capturing the photo in the field
  • Post processing or what we call Image Optimization

Image Optimization again has different goals:

  • Getting the best quality out of your footage (this is somehow a more objective property)
  • Creating the visual impact you want (this is of course very subjective)

In this new series Mac and Uwe want to show how they treat images submitted by our readers. The changes range from subtle to major changes.

Example from Mac R. Holbert


After Optimization

Example by B+U Steinmueller


After Optimization

We would like our readers to to participate and send us your images right out of your cameras. Mac and Uwe will then select some images and show what they would do to optimize them.

This requires that we get images from our readers that we then will feature (of course only selected ones).

Here is how it works

  • You have shot the image in RAW (to allow most flexibility)
  • You send us a full JPEG (not the RAW file!) but are willing to send us the RAW file later
  • Send JPEG
    • to:
    • subject line: Photo Optimization: your full name and image title
    • No crop !
  • Please so not send more than 2 images per month
  • We (Mac and I) then select images we like to feature
  • We ask you to send us the original RAW image. This does not mean we will feature it but at this point your image is at least a candidate.
  • We feature a selected image in our Photo Optimization series

About the copyright of featured images

  • The original photographer of course retains full copyright
  • He/she also grants us (Mac R. Holbert and Uwe Steinmueller) to use this image for educational purposes (books, DVDs and articles) free of charge. The original photographer will be credited for the image in all cases.



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