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Color Management for Photographers #003

"inCamera Photoshop Plugin" (Mac & PC)

note by Uwe Steinmueller (1/27/2003)



Good news for all photographers who want to create there own camera profiles. We reviewed some time ago inCamera Professional and used it for the creation of digital camera profiles. The new inCamera Photoshop plug-in is cheaper ($149), easier to use and for many users (like ourselves) sufficient in functionality.

The real challenge is to get a high quality target photo (ColorChecker or ColorChecker DC) and perform the right processing inside your RAW converter (we plan to use inCamera to profile our 1Ds for the use with Capture One DSLR).


The use of inCamera could not be simpler:

  • Open a 16bit(!) photo of a ColorChecker in Photoshop
  • Align the raster to the ColorChecker patches
  • Enter a profile name for Display
  • press ok (that will save the profile to the right color folder for your OS)


As mentioned above the real challenge is to get the right target shot. We will follow up on this issue in the near future.
For more information check at the Pictographic website.
Note: inCamera can also be used to profile scanners!

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