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Digital Outback Consulting


By now we offer quite a selection of services to our readers

E-booklets to help managing the digital workflow
Creating affordable custom printer profiles for our customers
Seminars to help manage the digital workflow
One-to-one consulting / Phone Consulting or Mentoring



Our online magazine, seminars and e-booklets are the most economic way to benefit from our digital workflow experience.

But sometimes an one-to-one consulting is the most efficient way to bring you up to speed (especially if you are new to the digital world). Here we now offer our new consulting service.


What we offer:

(service mainly available in the San Jose/Palo Alto area if you don't want to pay for travel and logistics):

  • 1:1 Photography session (you let us know what you are looking for)
  • 1:1 sessions using the digital darkroom (RAW converters, Photoshop, Printing)
  • Mentoring sessions (we are your personal trainer)
  • Helping to setup your own color management and printer (including ColorByte's ImagePrint RIP)
  • Photocritique sessions
  • On-site custom training courses
  • Digital Photo assignments
  • for other topics please feel free to ask


Our pricing model:
2 hour minimum
$180 per hour
4 hours
$160 per hour
Full Day Bay Area $1200 per day + travel expenses
Full Day off site $1500 per day + travel expenses
Phone Consulting

Phone consulting can be very effective as we and the client can even work at the same application during a session. We would like to schedule a call about 7 days in advance but you also can check for urgent support.

Rate per hour (calculated to 15 minutes)                              $150/hour