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We will start just linking to other galleries. This has the disadvantage that we lose common look and feel but on the other side it allows the artists to get visibility on there sites and to take whatever they like to protect their copyright.



  Galleries of Outdoor Photos photographed with digital Cameras

Henri Lamiraux, Nikon D1/D1x

Landscape Photography with an emphasis on the San Francisco Bay Area

imagine - no rules. street photography.

Ron Reznick, Nikon D1/D1x

Lots of D1 outdoor photos


Bettina & Uwe Steinmueller, Nikon D1

California photos


Jeff Alu, Kodak DC280

Black and white gallery of desert landscape images


Guido Ballabio, Sony

Outdoors images from Italy and other locations



Bram van Welsen, Nikon

Lots of outdoor industry photography



Bettina & Uwe Steinmueller, Nikon D1

Gallery of wide range of outdoor photos