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Photo Stories - Nature


"Yosemite Fall Impressions" by Bettina & Uwe Steinmueller





"Yosemite: A Feast in Color and B&W" by Bettina & Uwe Steinmueller









"A Carlsbad Caverns Photo Journey" By Kelly Drown






"A Glimpse of Yosemite" by Fred Miranda





"LA Arboretum" by Ron Reznick





"Santa Cruz Nature" by Jan Brittenson







"Blue Ridge Parkway Impressions" by Dan Addison






"Capturing the Coastal Birds of Texas with a Camera" by Kenneth R. McVay





"Macro Photography" by Donald L. Cohen

Don shows some stunning photos of really small insects and also explains the technique used.



"A Hawk named Hannah"





"Qimage Flower Colors"

Get the best possible color from the D1. Use the NEF format and convert with Qimage 1.5.



"Sunsets, A Study in Light" by Paul Caldwell

Paul Caldwell shows the advantages of digital photography for photographing sunsets and gives some in depth help on this subject.



"Bryce Canyon" by Donald L. Cohen

Don captured the beautiful colors of the Bryce Canyon




"Canada Geese Chicks"

This was our second season capturing these lovely birds. Using long glass we try to get as close as possible without disturbing the group too much.



"Polar Bear Faces"





"Flamingo Colors"





"Spring at Villa Filoli 2001"





"Poppy Frenzy"

The California Poppy is among the most beautiful wildflowers and they bloom in spring everywhere here in Northern California.



"Duck Art"

This photo exploses the beauty of ducks and how to capture it with close-ups and long lenses.



"Canon D30 at the Carolina Raptor Center" by Donald L. Cohen

Don captured with his Canon D30 the personalities (faces) of some beautiful raptors. This collection is also a great demonstration what great photos the Canon D30 can deliver.



"Spring in Silicon Valley"

Spring is a beautiful season probably everywhere. In Silicon Valley it opens early and the wildflowers I just amazing.



"The Real Outback" by Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph & Dr. Nicole Duplaix

Two writers-photographers criss-cross 45,000km of Australia in a Land Rover Defender. Find hundreds of images of Australia and Australian animals and birds, written updates from the road, crucial travel information, prime Australia links, feature stories, and more.




"Timelesss Creeks" by Paul Caldwell

Paul shares his experience to take beautiful long time exposures of some creeks in Arkansas.




"Birds of West Hernando County, Florida" by Rick Barletta

Rick finds a large selection of beautiful birds right close to his home.




"Winter Birds of Northern Illinois" by Jerry Kumery

Jerry photographed some of these lovely winter birds. Because these little creatures are very agile you have to be patient to capture one of them. But feeding them does the trick.




"Monarch Butterflies at the Natural Bridges Park"

Every year thousends of Monarch butterflies gather at a few small location in North California. One of those is the Natural Bridges Park in Santa Cruz.



"Kruger National Park" by Andreas Ebert

Lovely wildlife photos from South Africa




"Death Valley " by Jeff Cohen

Jeff made a trip to death valley at not such a deathly time.




"Elkhorn Slough Colors"

Color impressions from the Elkhorn Slough.




"Small Butterflies and Large Dragonflies" by Jerry Kumery

Jerry shows excellent macro photgraphy with the Sony




"Mountain Colours" by Bjørn Rørslett

Bjørn catches the essence of the Norwegian mountain colors in his unique graphic abstractions.



"Elkhorn Slough Safari" by Uwe Steinmueller

Elkhorn Slough is is one of California largest wetlands and also the habitat of many Sea Otters. We had a boat safari into the slough.



"Point Lobos State Reserve" by Jeff Cohen

Point Lobos State Park south of Carmel is some place which beauty is hardly to describe. Jeff Cohen captured it's spirit on a foggy day.



"Big Sur" Dream Coast

The 52 miles of Big Sur Pacific coast is rough and beautiful at the same time.




"Secret World" by Mark Hilliard

Mark is specialized to find and show the hidden underworld of mushrooms




"Pied-Billed Grebe" at Vasona Park, Los Gatos California

A lovely little bird in a nice county park.



Nature comprises a wide spectrum like

  • All kinds of animals (including birds, insects, sea life, reptiles, ...)

  • Plants and flowers (wild and cultivated)

  • Landscape like forests, deserts, coasts and swamps

With the help of our readers and contributing photographers we want to try to cover this beautiful and also dramatic universe.

There are two formats of content found in this section

  • Notes (single photograph with brief annotation)

  • Stories (3-5 photos with some brief or longer essay)

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