Digital Outback Photo
- Photography using Digital SLRs


This section is about techniques in digital phototograpy and the digital darkroom.


"Ultra-High Resolution Digital Mosaics" by J. Brian Caldwell, Ph.D.

Brian shows in his tutorial how stitching technique allows you to create very high resolution images using your D1. You can download the 720K PDF file here.



"LightJet Prints from the DCS 760 and D1x"





"CRW Conversion Contest 02"






If you ever have tried to convert color photos to B&W you know that Photoshop "Grayscale" is not the way to go. Finally you come across the "Channel Mixer" and get lost in the space of endless uninspiring possibilities. DigiDaan get us on the right track.


"Digital Velvia: Improving Saturation"

Some digital photos need a bit saturation improvement (probably especially true for some D1 photos). We show a free Photoshop plug-in which does the trick.



"Piezography B&W Printing"

Jon Cone's Piezography BW printing system allows black&white printing which matches classical darkroom prints.



"NEF Conversion Contest 02"





"Lightjet Printing at Calypso Color"





"NEF/CRW Conversion Contest 01"

Here you can get some RAW photos from the Nikon D1 and Canon D30 and show others how to make the best of it.




MyDigitalWorkshop is a series of reports by digital photographers where they disclose there personal practices.


As Photoshop is the most widely used professional photo editing tool we provide an extra page with a collection of Photoshop resources we find useful for enhancing photos.
The "Toolbox" contains "small" useful tools for your digital work

Camera Bag


A collection of reader and editorial tips on accessories for your digital camera work (bags, tripods, monopods, filters, ...)


Photo Databases and Archiving


A collection of reader and editorial tips on photo archiving which is a very challenging task once you have some thousend digital photos.




A collection of reader and editorial tips on printing you quality digital photos


Other Topics in Detail


"Perspective Correction in Photoshop 5.x"


"Digital or Film" by Les Schofer

Les Schofer shares with you some experiences he made in preparing digital photos (using a Kodak 6MP camera) for print.

"Digital Camera on the Road"

If you are on the road with a professional digital camera you will creat lots of data in a short period of time. This article discusses a solution for this problem.


"The Art of NEF Conversion"

To get the best quality out of the Nikon D1 you have to shoot using the Nikon "raw" NEF format. There is no free lunch but some third party tools made a huge progress over the last months. Don't be afraid of NEF! (this page moved from