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"Pied-Billed Grebe" at Vasona Park, Los Gatos California

<c>Uwe Steinmueller (Nikon D1 2000)

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In our favorite park for evening walks the "Vasona Park" in Los Gatos North California there are a few of these lovely Grebes. We find them every time close to the same spot and alone. They are really great divers (can stay under water up to a minute) and seem to be happy or better they make us very happy watching them for some time.

The green on the water is from the grass at the shore of the Vasona Park lake (which is actually a reservoir from the dammed Los Gatos Creek). A challenge for digital photos is the harsh contrast in the evening sun.

But nature and especially nature meeting men has also sad stories to tell. One evening we wanted to find the young new Grebes (we had seen before a trio) and also found one. But this chicken was in really bad shape.


The young Grebe had caught a fish hook and some fishing line. It tried to get rid of it but did not succeed to do so. We followed it for about 2 hours and wanted to help it. It was not even be able to dive anymore. We also called a park ranger but they felt understaffed in the evening to get the needed boat and a doctor. That evening and always when I see this photo I feel so sad for this little creature.

This is not a beautiful picture but a document about that sad moment. This bird is probably dead but all the other Grebes make us smile again.



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