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"Big Sur" Dream Coast

<c>Bettina and Uwe Steinmueller

Point Sur

We are very lucky that a visit to Big Sur is just a day trip for us. Every time we have bin at this section of the Pacific coast just South of Carmel we find it to be a spiritual experience. The following photos are organized from North (beginning at about Point Lobos - an attraction by itself) to the middle of Big Sur (at Julia Pfeiffer Park)


Typical coastal view

One of hundreds of coves

In many places also Sea Otters can be found hanging inside the Kelp Forest. At the same time thousands of birds (Brown Pelican, Sea Gulls, Cormorants. Egrets, Blue Herons rest on the rocks or as the Pelicans fly in formations)


Bixby Creek Bridge

The "Bixby Creek Bridge" is one of the amazing bridges you cross traveling the winding Highway 1.


Little Sur Rock

Point Sur


"Little Sur" and "Point Sur" kind of mark the center of the 52 miles long Big Sur area. Some miles south of Point Sur you find a few remarkable State Parks (Julia Pfeiffer, Julia Burn Pfeiffer and some more). But a must see is the Nepenthe (Restaurant, Cafe, Gift Shop) with unique views to the coast. Although it seems quite touristy it has a wonderful atmosphere.


Coast in Morning Fog (view from Nepenthe)

View from Nepenthe

Because of the regular fog mostly during the summer months you have to be lucky to get some nice landscape photos. But even if all photos at our day trips would come out not that great we still had a great time down there. We will be at Big Sur about every three months and follow the development through the seasons. Some might think that California does not have really seasons but the coast changes a lot between summer and winter.


Some more Big Sur can be found here.


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