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Yosemite: A Feast in B&W

field trip by Bettina & Uwe Steinmueller
As mentioned in our introduction we used a pure B&W workflow while working on this B&W portfolio. Please be also aware that these photos are our first attempt to capture a glimpse of Yosemite.
Classic Photos from the Valley Floor
We actually only spent the first evening at the Yosemite Valley floor (and the Village).

Top of El Capitan (Canon 1Ds + 70-200mm + 1.4 handheld)

Bridalvail Fall (Canon 1Ds + 70-200mm + 1.4)

The Tunnel View
There is hardly something more a cliche than the Tunnel View and unfortunately we did not a dramatic storm over Halfdome. This is still beautiful and worth to be photographed another million times.

Tunnel View with sun on Bridalvail Fall (Canon 1Ds + 70-200mm)

Mariposa Grove
A visit to the Mariposa Grove is highly recommended. In B&W we only captured the graphic structure of one of the big trees (not a Sequoia).

Tree Bark at Mariposa Grove (Canon 1Ds + 70-200mm)

Merced River Canyon (near El Portal)
Also photographing cascades in the Merced are cliche. But being a cliche does not make them less romantic (we found that shutter speeds of 1/2 - 1/8 seconds were quite ideal to blur the water). These photos were taken at night when there was no more direct sunlight visible.

Merced Cascades (Canon 1Ds + 70-200mm)

Merced Cascades (Canon 1Ds + 70-200mm)

Sentinel Dome and Jeffrey Pine
We found that the visit on the Sentinel Dome was probably the highlight of our trip. We especially loved to photograph the Jeffrey Pine (actually now a dead tree).

Jeffrey Pine (Canon 1Ds + 70-200mm)

While we find that wildflowers are more a domain for color photography there can be some situations where the graphic nature (e.g. blooming Dogwood) of the wildflowers fit well for B&W.

Wildflowers near Sentinel Dome (Canon 1Ds + 90mm T/S)
We would say that the trip would be worth the time just for our B&W photos. But Yosemite is also a place for wonderful color photography.


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