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"Villa Filoli" Timeless Beauty

<c>Uwe Steinmueller

Filoli Clock Tower without Hands

Villa Filoli from early 1900 is historic in the American dimensions, but it's beauty can probably match any garden in the world. In Woodside (Bay Area, California) is this beautiful Villa Filoli surrounded my a magnificent garden. The garden is managed by a non profit organization and has besides a professional staff of gardeners about 1000 volunteers who maintain this large real estate. This gives the feeling that everybody cares about this garden.


Shaped Olive Tree

Although I really like more the wild and rough nature here even the sculptured trees or the art garden show a beauty only nature can provide.


Art Garden

We joined the "Friends of Filoli" at our first visit. This garden you have to visit more often to follow the seasons. For all lovers of flowers there are a lot of details to discover.


"Peter Pan" Bud


You will also realize that is very difficult to capture the spiritual dimension of this beautiful place. But on the other side this does not matter if you had some wonderful moments there.


Some more Villa Filoli is found here.


Visitor Info can be found at the Filoli web site


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