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Santa Barbara II

Travel Portfolio by B+U Steinmueller

This was our second trip to Santa Barbara this year. Have a look at our previous portfolio.

Driving to Santa Barbara

This time we were driving Hwy. 101 in both directions (about 300 miles from San Jose). The area around Paso Robles shows lovely hills with beautiful oak trees:

Oak Trees near San Miguel

In Santa Barbara

One of the most beautiful building in Santa Barbara is the Court House. The building itself and the view are worth a visit:

Mission from the Court House Tower

View to the Beach

Part of the Court House

Court House Garden

Casa De La Guerra

One of the highlights was the inside of Casa De La Guerra (one of the oldest buildings in SB and in a permanent process of renovation):

Case De La Guerra


A Fantasy Van

A Fantasy Van (detail shot)


The way from San Jose to Santa Barbara is close to quite a few Missions. We visited three of them.

The Missions


Santa Barbara Mission

Santa Ines in Solvang

Mission Soledad


We most likely will visit Santa Barbara a couple of times each year and are sure it will be worthwhile the trip.



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