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Kodak SLR/c, Canon 1Ds & Canon 1D Mk II Comparison

A test note by Uwe Steinmueller @Digital Outback Photo

Also photos by Jack Flesher





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If you work with Photoshop CS our e-books DOP1009 or DOP2000 are the right choice for the Kodak SLR/c, Canon 1Ds and 1D Mark II. DOP2000 is the more complete handbook.


Note on image processing:

As usual we work only with raw files. Workflow as described in our e-book. Tools used: Camera Raw 2.2 for Photoshop CS, Simple Sharpening.



This comparison was done together with our friend and contributor Jack Flesher (he also owned the Canon Mk. II and the Canon 135 f/2.0 lens).

We photographed 3 scenes (only 2 are presented here) with 3 high end digital SLRs using the same lens: Canon 135 f/2.0 (known as one of the sharpest lenses for 35mm). The cameras were:

  • Canon 1D Mk. II (Jack)
  • Canon 1Ds (Uwe)
  • Kodak SLR/c (Kodak loaner)

The 1Ds and SLR/c were used from the same tripod position (although the SLR has a different position of the tripod mount). The Canon 1D Mk. II has a multiplier of 1.3 and was shot from further away (this was not precise by any means). We show here photos that were all shot at ISO 160 (the base ISO of the SLR/c).

All images were sharpened with Simple sharpening at the same level although they may need to be sharpened differently to show softness or not. All crops are at 100% magnification.

We hope you appreciate our unique service to offer all raw files for download (download full raw files here).


Scene #1: Gate in Alviso



1D Mk II

Scene #2: Alviso rotten Grocery

Note: The building is not straight



1D Mk. II

At ISO 640

1D Mk II




In the high ISO range the 1D Mk. II shows its real strength, the 1Ds is ok and the the SLR/c is not ready for such high ISO levels.

1D Mk. II at ISO 1250

1D Mk. II at ISO 1250

Even at ISO1250 the Mk II delivers very good images.



We were really surprised how well the 1D Mk. II performed in the resolution game. We expected not that good results because of the strong AA filter of that camera. In the ISO game the Mk. II is in a class of its own.

This means the Mk. II is clearly the most versatile camera in this range. The 1Ds is still a great performer. Users of the SLR/c may want ultimate resolution, accept the lower quality of the body and don't want to take the plunge for getting the 1Ds.

We actually may get ourselves the Mk. II as a second body.


We leave the final judgment to our readers as you can download the full raw images and inspect in more detail.
Review methodology (or lack of :-)) here.


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