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Lastolite Translucent Tri-Grip Reflector

review note by Uwe Steinmueller (11/11/2003)


Most of the time the light in California unforgivably sunny. Part of our work focuses on close-up work. Harsh sunlight is a challenge. For quite some time we carry a diffuser in our backpack. But our first was too small and not easy to handle. Finally at Imaging USA we found the Lastolite Translucent Tri-Grip Reflector.

The Translucent Lastolite Tri-Grip Reflector serves for multiple purposes:

  • Light Reflector (e.g. our macro flash)
  • Light shade (you lose some f-stops though, about 2 at least)

We are very pleased with the Lastolite Translucent Tri-Grip Reflector as it:

  • quite big unfolded
  • keeps in shape
  • can be held with one hand (yes the Tri-Grip makes a big difference)
  • Fits easily in our Nature Trekker AW II
  • packs fine


Here are the three situations we use the reflector:

  • Reflector for macro flash (works just fine)
  • Sun shade/diffuser (here we would like to have a much more transparent diffuser, but of course as Tri-Grip)
  • Shade for the lens hood:

In the above scene we used the reflector as a shade to avoid sun reflections into the lens (the lens hoods for zooms cannot be optimal. Here the hood is made for 70mm while we use the lens at 200mm).


The Lastolite Translucent Tri-Grip Reflector is now part of our standard equipment. We would like it to be more transparent though to have more light available.


More details can be found here on the Bogen site.


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