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Workflow Technique #013

"Adding Black Definition #2"

review by Uwe Steinmueller

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Some weeks ago we published an article called "Adding Black Definition" and we still think that controlling the black in a RGB image is quite powerful.

This inspired Jan Esmann the author of the well known PowerRetouche filters to create a very specialized filter "Black Control".

We use one of our "Earth Frame" photos for the demonstration.

The "Black Control" filter allows you to add and subtract black (as if would be an own channel). There are three controls available:

  • Adjust Black (add or subtract black)
  • Gray Include (how the gray values get influenced)
  • Color Include (how the pure color values get influenced)

For more details read the filter's manual page.


Added some black

Removed some black

But that is not all. The filter is even more powerful for B&W photos.

Color photo converted to Grayscale

Here are some results:

Added some black

Removed some black

The "Black Control" filter is a very specialized yet powerful tool. It is much easier to use and also more powerful than the method described in our first article. We love it!
We are affiliates for this filter and you can buy the single filter directly here from Power Retouche: for $32.

All filters work on Mac and PC.


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