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Photoshop Corner #010

"Uwe's Photoshop Tools Set "

by Uwe Steinmueller

updated 01/27/2002


Workflow does not really flow

If you work with digital files (this means most often RAW files) then you know that if quality is your main goal there is not real workflow which "flows". In my experience it is more a set of tools and techniques you use and which get you close to set result you envision. These goals change over time with more experience, but so also do the tools I use.

I do not want to claim to be an expert and master Photoshop user. This article just wants to share my personal selection of tools with those who might be interested. Only tools are mentioned which get used regularly.

Probably this article will be updated on a regular basis if I add tools or don't use some other tools anymore.

RAW conversion
The cameras I use right now are the Nikon D1, D1x and the Kodak DCS 760. This section is therefore limited to the RAW files of these cameras.
Kodak DCS 760

Here I use the Kodak Photo Desk which does an ok job for me.

Tasks performed in Photo Desk:

  • EV compensation
  • Noise removal
  • WB correction
Nikon D1 & D1x
Today I use an alpha version of the next Bibble

Tasks performed in Bibble:

  • Using the 4018x2624 interpolation mode
  • EV compensation
  • WB corrections
  • Some standard sharpening
  • Some curves
Techniques, Plug-Ins and Actions in Photoshop

Native Photoshop tools:


Photoshop Plug-Ins:


Photoshop Techniques:


Photoshop Actions by Fred Miranda (they are so much of a help!):

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