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Intentional HDR Ghosting

essay by Uwe Steinmueller

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"You know, the last time a Photoshop tool made me do a double take and stare in amazement is when I first tried EasyS a few years back. I just tried out EasyDS and I was wowed yet again. Such a simple interface, yet the results are fantastic! I'm not talking about a subtle difference here, I did an A/B comparison and what I thought was sharp turned out to be pretty blurry :) And EasyDS does this without the usual ugly artifacts. Great job! P.S. Before trying to use exotic sharpening plugins or raw converters, photographers really need to look into your sharpening plugins. Their images will look better and they'll save a bundle." - Robert G. June 2009


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What is actually Ghosting? If you combine different exposed images to HDR and things or people move during that period in the scene you see them partially combined from all exposures. This is called Ghosting. Normally ghosting is treated as a HDR artifact and not wanted. We created an image of a Zion (Grafton) cabin where we thought a ghost would be just to be expected :-).

We asked our friend to walk inside the cabin while we took three exposures.

3 exposures

Crop showing the person in each frame (already blurred)

We then combined the three photos to HDR in Photomatix and finally tonemapped it.

Color version

Final B&W version

And here is the ghost:

The proof :-)

We wanted to show that ghosting cannot only be seen as a HDR artifact but can be used in some more creative ways.

Have fun chasing your ghosts.





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