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Digital Outback Photo Contest #019

Contest March 2006: B&W #2

Limited to 8 entries (closed at 6 entries)

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  A Note on Copyright: This image can only(!) used in the context of this contest and the only site that has the right to publish images is Digital Outback Photo. If you want to use this image for any other purposes (e.g. marketing) you can acquire a license from us.
  There are no prizes for this contest as the evaluation of the results can be too subjective.

To share experience it is not enough just to show the results. We need precise step-by-step descriptions of all image editing operations that had been performed.

Photo was taken with the Canon 1Ds Mk. II at ISO 100 (tripod).


Your task is to create a good B&W photo from this color image.



  • It is your task to create a B&W version (no toning!) of this image and send in a downsampled JPEG (compression 9 in Photoshop) with 600 pixels wide.
  • You can download the original JPEG image (copyright Bettina & Uwe Steinmueller) from here (about 8.2 MB)
  • Use any editing tool you like for your B&W conversion
  • Describe the process step by step
  • If your tools allows to save settings to external files (like most tools in Photoshop and many filters) please also send in these settings files.
  • Naming of the JPG: first_lastname_3690OakPond.jpg
  • Send only the instructions and the final image downsampled to 600 pixeles wide (JPG 9 in Photoshop) and your full name to:
  • Image should be in sRGB or grayscale (for internet display)
  • No toning of the image!
  • No frames and no layers.
  Note: As all photos should be in the sRGB color space it is recommended to download interesting samples and view them in Photoshop on a profiled monitor and at larger magnification.
  Sample Entry (by Uwe Steinmueller)



#01 Michael Stockhill

  • Opened in CS
  • Pixel Genius Capture sharpener: Mid resolution digital capture; narrow edge sharpener
  • Auto layers !
  • Auto contrast !
  • Auto color !
  • Channel mixer: Red 16, Green 116, Blue -38, constant 4
  • Brightness/contrast: contrast 12
  • Pixel Genius creative sharpener: Haze cutter @18-35% selectively on image.
  • Burn tool: 8-15%, selectively burning trees and "hot" felled tree.

#02 Goran Stenberg

  • Photoshop CS2
  • Selecting the white overexposed branch in middleAdjustment, selective color, white +100% two times only on branch
  • Image, adjustment levels black and white point
  • Left side of image selected, feather 150%, adjust curves, input 139 and output 116
  • Channel Mixer, monochrome, Red +40, Green +140, Blue -80
  • Intellisharpen FM Software, level 12
  • Image adjust curves again, input 57 and output 46

#03 Christian Zufferey

-image opened with photoshop 7.01
-contrast mask level 2 with PhotoKit plugin ( by Pixelgenius)
-photoshop unmask sharpening filter ( 20-50-0)
-select right part of image, curve-lightening
-select left part of image-curve-darkening
-levels : black set at 52; white set at 221
-channel mixer ( R140; G34;B -30; constant -24)

#04 John Marshall

-image opened in Photoshop 5.0
-saturation -100
-brightness -18
-contrast +37

#05 Tim Gray

Initial sharpen with focus magic @ 1 pixel
New layer, 50% gray, blend mode=color
Shadow/Highlight – shadow 11, 32, 20 highlight - 0
Selective Photokit Creative sharpener
USM 20 60 0 50% opacity

#06 Lloyd Eldredge

  • Processed in Lightroom (Beta 2)
  • Applied increase of Black exposure to 13 (In Basic)
  • Gray Scale Mixer:
    • Reds to -10
    • Yellows to 77
    • Greens to 98
    • Cyans to 55
    • Blues to 54
    • Magentas to 103
  • Then applied Lightroom Preset "Tone Curve - Stong Contrast"


  Thanks to all participants (including all submissions that may not get published).

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