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PMA 2004



Here is our list of cameras and tools we checked out at PMA. THis was the PMA of the 8MP digicams:

Looks as if all manufacturers use basically the same chip from Sony. But only Sony uses it's 4 color RGBE sensor. The other manufacturers use a RGBG version.




Clearly one of the PMA highlights.

  • 70-300mm DO IS lens (great travel lens, spec)

If the optical quality of this lens is as good as Canon says then it is the #1 travel lens.


  • PowerShot S1 IS


We will follow DXO closely as this may be a breakthrough in image quality improvement by using a software. We hope to get a beta soon (the raw version will come later)


  • New Polaroid x530 consumer camera with Foveon sensor announced
  • Adobe Camera Raw will support the X3 Foveon file format later this year


Fuji just announced the new S3. 6MP might be surprisingly low resolution for 2004 DSLR but if it really captures significant more dynamic range then it may even be a break through for digital. Too bad that we have to wait till fall 2004.


  • Profile Maker 5 announced (with new camera profile module and new camera target)



  • Digilux 2. We like the simplicity of this camera


  • Maxxum 7 Digital SLR announced for fall (with anti shake sensor)
  • DiMAGE A2 can be a great 8MP digicam
    • Anti Shake sensor
    • 900,000 pixel EVF (best in its class)
    • Non crippled raw support
    • Swivel viewfinder

If the image quality is good then this camera is a clear winner


The D70 looks really good and is a better D100 in terms of image quality and flash support

  • AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G IF-ED

Nice focal range range

  • Coolpix 8700, 8MP

May be a good 8MP digicam too


Also an 8MP digicam


  • new 14mm wide angle lens

Phase One

We only saw a mockup. This can the a landscape photographers dream.


  • Cybershot F828 was already in the market at December


Our top picks:

  • Canon 1D MarkII
  • Nikon D70
  • DXO software
  • Konica Minolta A2
  • Leica Digilux 2
  • Phase One P20/25


This of course depends all on how these cameras and software deliver. Will keep up very busy.

Send us a note about other interesting tools.

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