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Summit 2006 Diary

Lower Antelope Canyon

by Bettina + Uwe Steinmueller


This year we have our fourth (where is the time gone) annual Summit: again in Page,AZ. We (Bettina and Uwe) will try to post some pictures from our trip (about 2000 miles):

  • San Jose, CA - Page, AZ
  • Page, AZ
  • Page, AZ - San Jose, CA

The Summit 2006 was organized by Alain & Natalie Briot, Bettina & Uwe Steinmueller and Joseph Holmes joins us as an guest instructor.

Note: We hardly ever create final images on our notebook computer. This means that all photos posted here are first drafts.

The Bags

Here are our bags and equipment (remember this is for both of us: Bettina + Uwe). At any given time we either get the equipment from the car or only carry two bags. We always try to minimize weight for the special tasks at hand. E.g. in Antelope Canyon we use only one bag, no tele lenses and a light tripod.

Lowepro Micro Trekker 200

Lowepro Mini Trekker AW

ThinkTank Photo Glass Taxi

General notes:


11/8/2006 Zion National Park

This is our first time in Zion. We are clearly overwhelmed by the many impressions. The time of the year is excellent but the light is difficult. We have the feeling that we will come back many times. This trip is more like a very first exploration and this is of course fun too.

Note: We hardly ever create final images on our notebook computer. This means that all photos posted here are first drafts (we repeat it here in case these images are a bit off)

On the road to Zion (Leica M8 + Summicron 50mm f/2)

On the road to Zion (Nikon D80 + Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 VR)

Zion Canyon (Canon 400D + Canon 70-200mm f/4 IS)

Zion Canyon (Canon 400D + Canon 70-200mm f/4 IS)

Zion Plateau (Leica M8 + Summicron 50mm f/2)

Tomorrow we drive to Page with hopefully some nice shots on our way.


11/9/2006 Zion to Page

Today we made our final step to from Zion to Page.

Zion Plateau (Canon 1Ds Mk. II + Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS)

Zion Plateau (Canon 1Ds Mk. II + Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS)


11/10/2006 Summit in Page opened and HDRI imaging at work

We used the last free hours before the summit to take some pictures at the Upper Antelope Canyon. The following picture is based on 5 bracketed exposures with the Canon 1Ds Mk. II. We processed the image in the following way:

  • Generate a HDR image with Photomatix from five bracketed exposures
  • Tonemapping with Detail Enhancer in Photomatix
  • Final tuning in LightZone 2.0

Tonemapped HDR image

11/12/2006 First two days of our summit

Horseshoe Bend (Canon 1Ds Mk. II)

The first two days were packed with many activities:

  • Photographing at Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend and Upper Antelope Canyon
  • Lectures by Joe Holmes, Alain Briot and Uwe Steinmueller on HDRI, Lightzone, Color Management and Contrast control
  • Individual editing and print preparation
  • Printing on the two HP B9180 printers with excellent HP support (Satin and Hahnemuehle papers)
  • Great lens and camera support by Canon
  • Kevin Raber from Phase One helped interested attendees to use the P45 back

Like with all the other 3 summits we had again great fun and good spirit in exchanging photographic experience.

11/13/2006 Summit ended

Like all previous summits this was a full success. We know it sounds like marketing but it is not. We have had again people who loved photography, printing and sharing experience with other photographers. Also that people come back again is a good sign that the summit is a very unique experience.

We like to thank:

  • HP for their top printer support (2x 9180 which were raffled to two attendees)
  • Canon for their excellent camera/lens support in the field
  • Phase One for demonstrating the P45 digital back
  • Joe Holmes for sharing his knowledge
  • Our friend Juergen Gulbins for helping with all the printing
  • Last not least all the people who joined this summit. Thank you all!

Quite a few attendees used LightZone 2.0 and were impressed by the quality and ease of use.

The next two days we are on our way back to California.


11/15/2006 Our trip back

The way back (about 800 miles) took us two days (including two nice traffic jams just before Barstow).

Like last year we visited this colorful junk yard (very strong sun though):

Junk Yard (Leica M8 + Summicron 50mm f/2)

At the area of Tehatchepi there are beautiful oak hills but as so often the light was not that great. At some point we had at least some overcast.

Lovely Oak Trees (Canon 400D + Canon 70-200mm f/4 IS)

We are already planning our next summit. It will be at a different world class location and to be announced soon.

See you next year!





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