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Digital Outback Photo is now over five years old. This means we have used and reviewed many cameras. So we thought it might be fun to have a look back. Most links point to the original reviews. We only cover here our DSLRs with larger sensors and not the consumer digital cameras.

about 1974: Nikon EL , Bettina and Uwe started their photographic journey, Film of choice was for many years Kodachrome 25/64.

about 1976: Nikon F2 (for both of us)

about 1980

1981: Stopped working in the darkroom: too dark and also too much chemistry

1982-1995: The big void without much photography

1995: Our first 640x480 digital camera. $1200 for just being a geek.

Sorry, only shot I have available right now :-)

1999 July: Coolpix 950, important step as it showed to us that digital is real.

1999 October - 2000 February: Using a F2 and F100 with film. Scanned the slides. This made clear to us that scanning was not what we wanted to do.

2000 March: Nikon D1 (Milestone camera, we own still 2 for our history collection)

First ever DSLR designed from ground up, $5000, 2.7MP, used RAW from the beginning. All we wanted was make digital work. We still love many of our D1 shots.

D1: Still one of our top images (see also)

2000 April: Found first Dust spots on D1 photos

Were first shocked to the bones and now just use the healing brush

2000 August: Started Digital Outback Photo

Changed our lives. Nikon D1 was featured in our first camera review diary.


2000 October: Canon EOS D30 (Milestone camera)

First CMOS DSLR, defined a new level of low noise, about 3.2MP

D30 at Point Reyes

2000 October: Kodak DCS 660

Expensive and bulky modified Nikon F5 with a 6MP sensor. Dropped in price from $25K to about 8K.

2000 December: Olympus E10

Fixed lens DSLR, about 3.5MP, nice handling

2001 March: Fuji S1

Good colors, 3.4MP native resolution, no RAW support, problematic 2 battery system, good image quality

2001 June: Kodak DCS 760

Filoli Art garden, Portfolio shot

Successor of the 660, 6MP, produced some portfolio shots for us

2001 July: Nikon D1x (we still own one)

Grass at Mono Lake, Portfolio shot

D1 with double the pixels, 5.4MP interpolated to 6MP or 12MP, many of our older portfolio shots are done with this camera. Is even be today a great camera.

2001 December: Canon EOS 1D (Milestone camera)

Pelican at Santa Cruz, portfolio shot

First really fast sports DSLR, 4.1MP, CCD camera, very solid body, fun to use

2002 April: Canon EOS D60

6.3 MP, Canon drives prices down for 6MP, again lower noise

2002 July: Nikon D100

Grand Canyon, portfolio shot

Nikons answer to the Canon D60, 6MP, very nice camera

2002 August: Fuji S2

6.1MP, again nice colors, overall good image quality

2002 March: Kodak Proback 645 (Milestone back)

First untethered 16MP digital MF back.

2002 November: Canon EOS 1Ds (Milestone camera, we still own one)

Rock Frame, portfolio shot

Breakthrough camera, first Full Frame (FF) and 11MP, we have many portfolio shots from this camera, now we use mainly the 1Ds Mk. II. The new 5D will deliver probably the same or better quality for less than half the cost.

2003 March: Sigma SD9 (Milestone camera)

Rock Frame, portfolio shot

First full color capturing CMOS sensor, 3.4 x 3 MP, Foveon sensor

2003 March: Canon EOS 10D

Rock Frame, portfolio shot

Improved D60, 6.3MP, popular camera

2003 September: Kodak 14n

Kodak's first CMOS FF camera, 14MP, many troubles with sensor and software did not make this camera a success.

2003 September: Canon EOS 300D (milestone camera)

Point Reyes, portfolio shot

First DSLR under $1000, 6.3 MP, small and light, silver plastic body was not liked by all.

2003 October: Sigma SD10

California Oak, portfolio shot

Improved SD9, 3.4 x 3 MP, quite underestimated camera

2003 November: Nikon D2H

New Nikon body design, high speed camera, great ergonomics, unique LB Cast sensor, about 4MP, good colors

2004 January: Olympus E1

Muddy Water, portfolio shot

First four-thirds camera, 4.9 MP, nice handling, on the expensive side

2004 March: Nikon D70

SF Iron Work, portfolio shot

Nikon's answer to the Canon 300D, 6MP, nice camera

2004 April: Kodak SLR/n & SLR/c

Updated version of the 14n, not very successful because of problems with sensor and software

2004 May: Canon EOS 1D Mk. II (Milestone camera, we own one for wildlife photography)

Santa Barbara, portfolio shot

First 8 fps camera with 8MP files, nice tool

2004 September: Canon EOS 20D

Improved 10D with now 8MP.

2004 November: Canon EOS 1Ds Mk. II (milestone camera, we own one)

Mono Lake, portfolio shot

Highest resolution DSLR so far, 16.7 MP, our workhorse right now

2004 December: Phase One P25 Back (milestone back)

First 22MP untethered back

2005 March: Canon EOS 350D (we own two, one for IR)

IR photo

Cheapest 8MP DSLR, good camera for the money

2005 April: Nikon D2x

Nikon's first CMOS sensor (Sony sensor) DSLR, 12.4 MP, based on the excellent D2H body, very good camera. (End of 2005 we added a D2x to our camera line).

2005 July: Nikon D50

Small brother of the D70, 6MP, below $1000, good value for the money

2005 July: Leica DMR

Leica's entry in high quality digital, warming up for the Digital "M".

2005 August: Digital IR cameras

We have great fun using modified DSLRs for IR photography.

2005 August: Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D (milestone camera)

First DSLR with Anti Shake (AS) sensor, 6MP, good user handling

2005 August: Betterlight Scanning Back

Very high resolution images from 4x5 cameras.

2005 September: Leaf Aptus 22 Back

22MP back with very large LCD, untethered like the P25.

2005 September: Canon EOS 1D Mk. II N

Minor update of the Canon EOS 1D Mk. II, e.g. larger LCD

2005 October: BetterLight Diary

2005 October: Canon EOS 5D (milestone camera)

First full frame DSLR under $4,000 and benchmark ISO performance

2005 December: Nikon D200 Diary

The Nikon D200 is 10MP full featured DSLR for about $1.700.

2006 February: Phase One P45 Diary

First 39MP medium format back.

2006 September: Nikon D80 Diary

The Nikon D80 is the first Nikon 10MP camera below $1,000.

2006 October: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi (400D)

Canon's first 10MP camera below $1000

2006 November: Leica M8 (milestone camera)

First 10MP digital rangefinder camera




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